Born in Belarus and raised in Israel, Tina started her professional career whilst still in her teens, shooting fashion productions produced by her own, covering an array of aspects in photography from art direction to styling and post production. Her work quickly came to the attention of several modeling agencies and she was recruited by a leading agency in Tel Aviv as their photographer at age nineteen. Since then she expanded her craft as a portrait and fashion photographer, shooting for commercial and art projects for various clients in Israel and Europe. Not limited to photography, Tina also worked as a producer for music videos for various artists and as a stylist for a men’s lifestyle magazine in Israel. In 2016 she relocated to Berlin where she currently resides working as a freelance photographer shooting for a large variety of clients ranging from theatre to commercial and Esports.

Photo by La Lia.


01.08.20. – 06.08.20. – Group Exhibition’ ‘Pop-Up Art Exhibition 1’ at ‘The Ballery’ Art Gallery, Berlin

10.07.20. – 13.07.20 – Group Exhibition ‘#100 Photos – Vol. 02’ – ‘Twentysquareseven’ Pop Up Gallery, Berlin

23.03.19. – Group Exhibition ‘Young Berlin’ by ‘Curated by Girls’ – Soho House, Berlin

19.01.18. – 20.01.18. – Solo Pop Up Exhibition at ‘Fashion Week Sample Sale’ – ‘Studio Obectra’ Boutique, Berlin

26.02.12. – 01.03.12. – Solo Exhibition ‘Fuck the Photographer’ – ‘Jimmy Who?’ Club, Tel Aviv

19.11.10. – Solo pop up Exhibition at ‘NOX TLV’ event – ‘Cat & Dog’ Club, Tel Aviv

11.06.09. – 13.06.09. – Solo Exhibition at ‘Zipper Alternative Market’ – MAXIM Club, Tel Aviv